About Savour The Instant

For the past three decades, in my down time from days as documentary-film road warrior and my second career as a Creative Writing Teacher in an inner-city high school, I have been fortunate enough to spend my happiest hours roaming through a magical realm I call The Basset Domain with my beloved hounds: Bioan, Boan, Boanis and, now, Bynis. In this place, unadulterated by the foibles or sins of humanity, I have photographed their adventures and encounters with other denizens we have met along the way – amassing a vast archive of Kodak and Fuji slide images and Camera Raw digital images.

Still awaiting the day I get my first drum scanner to do all those beautiful chrome images the justice they deserve in the children's books I have written around them, I have finally found my medium in a series of digital eCards. The ease and speed with which I can now share the magical instants I have savoured with my hounds all these years and previously could only share with my human friends through slide shows, has encouraged me to seek the wider audience that only the arrival of the Internet could provide.

Therefore, joining a talented young artist and illustrator named Cherish Minor, who handles social-media marketing, I have formed Savour the Instant LLC, a subscription eCard site in the spirit of the old “Kodak Moment.” As the “every man” of the canine world, the Basset Hound has been a staple of the printed greeting card for as long as I can remember. And once I began getting down on their level and seeing their world view I understood why most people, the majority of whom have never met one in person, are so beguiled by them: besides being incredibly amusing to look at they are impossible not to love.

What else could you ask for in a greeting card – especially one that glows like a film slide from the glass of any screen in the realm of modern technology and can be sent anywhere in the world in an instant?